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HttpMaster Pro

A helpful application for web designers who need to mechanize the web applications testing by mentioning numerous assets from a predetermined site It’s just normal for proficient web engineers to require progressed testing apparatuses for their applications, regardless of whether we are discussing a site or an electronic application. With an element rich list of capabilities, HttpMaster Professional Edition means to meet the prerequisites of numerous undoubtedly.

HttpMaster venture

HttpMaster ProWhen working with HttpMaster, you will more often than not oversee HttpMaster venture properties and properties of the solicitation things contained inside the task. Venture properties offer worldwide alternatives to tweak web demands that will be executed; changes to this properties influence all task demand things.

HttpMaster undertaking can be spared to circle as a document with ‘hmpr’ expansion for later reuse. The undertaking document is put away inside in XML design.

Wide arrangement of http properties

HttpMaster venture contains a ton of choices which can be utilized to calibrate created http demands. These incorporate solicitation encoding, worldwide URL and inquiry string, worldwide http demand headers, and couple of cutting edge properties like URL encoding and capacity to totally handicap execution information putting away which can be valuable in the event that you need executions to be finished as quick as conceivable without gathering any information.


In venture properties you can likewise characterize boundaries of various information types and diverse age types. Boundaries empower you to incorporate powerful information with the solicitation things; this can be helpful to produce different solicitations dependent on the boundary information or to make worldwide reusable qualities.

All characterized boundaries can be utilized with demand thing properties, for instance, with URL of the solicitation thing.

Reaction information approval

Naturally HttpMaster approves each executed solicitation with default framework approval. Default framework approval screens returned http status codes and decides execution result as indicated by this status code. Nonetheless, you can characterize custom approvals in venture properties and afterward utilize this undertaking approvals to characterize custom approval intelligent articulation for each solicitation thing. There are various kinds of custom approvals accessible; larger part of them play out some approval on the reaction body.

Solicitation fastening

HttpMaster venture empowers you to characterize fastening things of various sorts which would then be able to be utilized in demand things to incorporate some information from the past solicitation with the following solicitation. You can utilize these venture affixing things in demand thing properties, for instance, inside solicitation thing URL. This will progressively embed information from the past solicitation in places where affixing is utilized. In such a manner, you can make a chain of solicitations where each solicitation will utilize some information from the past solicitation.

Broad information transfer uphold

Different information properties can be indicated when making demand thing, including http strategy, URL address, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. HttpMaster additionally has a rich help for information transfer; it empowers you to post plain content information, substance of specific record, or multipart structure information which can incorporate blend of plain content information and plate documents. Solicitation body information for transfer can likewise be consequently worked from a current HTML content acquired from some web address (URL) or circle record.

Solicitation information developer

On the off chance that you need to test specific site with different choices of info information, you can assemble demand body from a current HTML content got from URL or plate record. HttpMaster will recognize all HTML input components inside FORM labels and will show them in the rundown where you will have the option to remember them for the solicitation body. For all HTML components with various alternatives (for instance, radio fastens or SELECT components), HttpMaster will get all potential qualities from HTML content and will empower you to consequently make multi-esteem boundary with got information esteems.

Solicitation thing execution

HttpMaster offers incredible execution abilities and permits you to execute just opened solicitation thing, just chose demand things, or all task demand things. It is additionally conceivable to make execution gatherings and execute just solicitation things that are important for the specific execution gathering.

During the execution cycle you can screen executions progress and status of each solicitation thing. HttpMaster additionally permits total execution information to be spared to outer record with ‘hmex’ augmentation. You can return this document whenever later to audit execution information.

Execution gatherings and contingent execution

Choosing similar arrangement of solicitation things for execution over and over can turn into a dreary and tedious undertakings. On the off chance that you need to execute a similar solicitation things ordinarily, attempt execution gatherings. Execution bunches are amazing component for improved execution of numerous solicitation things and permit you to indicate custom execution request for each solicitation thing contained in the gathering.

Execution bunches likewise uphold contingent execution of solicitation things dependent on the execution consequence of some other solicitation thing in a similar gathering. For instance, you can indicate to execute certain solicitation thing just if some other solicitation thing was effectively executed.

Extensive information survey

When the execution of specific solicitation thing is finished, you can open and view its execution results. Different execution information is accessible for survey, including http headers, treats, reaction information, size, length, and so on.

HttpMaster additionally includes a few lovely watchers for easy to use show of reaction information, including XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, and that’s just the beginning. Greater part of beautiful watchers uphold code collapsing for growing/crumbling chosen code segments.

Reaction information can be additionally controlled, for instance, trade reaction body to an outside record, scan information for specific expression, make PDF report, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

HttpMaster likewise offers some extra apparatuses, for instance, impromptu http demand instrument. On the off chance that you have to rapidly execute a straightforward http demand, making undertaking and solicitation thing probably won’t be the most ideal alternative. In such circumstances, you can utilize this impromptu solicitation device which additionally underpins total execution information audit and the executives.

You can likewise use order line interface to computerize execution of HttpMaster ventures. Order line execution results are put away in uncommon records which can be opened in HttpMaster for complete execution information audit.

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